Medical Transcription Services...Adding Value to Your Business

We provide state-of-the-art dictation options to hospitals, clinics and private practices in all specialties. Utilization of technology is an important factor in providing the best medical transcription solution. We are well versed in all of your options.

We have the capability to have your work done within the United States or offshore, depending on your needs or budget. In most cases, services can be customized to meet your individual needs.

We are a large enough organization to offer a complete infrastructure so that you don't have to worry about if the transcriptionist wants to go on vacation or calls in sick. On the other hand, we are small enough to provide personalized professional services to your organization in a timely manner. We value your business and understand that if you are unhappy with our services you are going to move on. Please remember that finding the cheapest price does not mean anything if you are not happy with the quality of the work.

Our HIPAA compliant digital system allows you to dictate by phone or digital recorder, at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Dictation can be uploaded from one location and the transcription downloaded to another.

How Does it Work?

Our services are based on AAMT guidelines of 65 characters per line and are customized to the individual needs of each client. We can help you determine your dictation needs and help implement the best solution to meet your needs.

  • If using the phone, simply dial the number we will provide, enter your unique ID code, dictate your notes and hang up.

    Available 24 hours a day!! 
  • If using a digital recorder, dictate your notes, connect your recorder to your computer and log on to our secure website and select the upload button - disconnect and resume seeing patients immediately.

  • Files are uploaded and downloaded from our secure HIPAA compliant website. To retrieve the returned documents, simply log back on to the website, select the documents waiting to be downloaded - push the download button and you're done!

  • We will provide digital recorder installation, training, and ongoing technical support to your doctors and staff.

Our operations team has systems in place to assure you the highest level of quality! We offer quality work produced in a timely manner at very competitive prices, usually within 24-48 hours with 98.8% accuracy. Learn More

Getting Started

  • Please email or call 516-541-3616  to arrange a demonstration.
    No task is ever too big or too small.

  • Once we have an understanding of your needs, we will submit a formal proposal including pricing for your approval.